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Welcome to the beginning of your journey towards a natural and sustainable lifestyle. Today I am going to introduce myself and set your expectations for this blog.

My name is Jamie, I am a born creator and entrepreneur, turned photographer, then graphic designer, then marketing manager, then a mom of two, with a passion to help people. 

In this blog, I will talk about lots of topics. The healing power of herbs, natural ingredients in beauty care, becoming more sustainable, living in harmony with this big beautiful ball we call earth. 

I live in a small town in Western PA, on the same street I grew up on. With my two cute kids, Alessia and Michael, and our favorite guy their dad, also Michael.  

When I became a mom, I wanted to give my children the absolute best. I mean who doesn’t?! I wanted to feed them all-natural ingredients and care for them with safe products. Oh and do all of that while being low waste and eco-conscious.

Well, modern life is busy, especially working full time with two kiddos under two. Attempting to change every aspect of our lives to become “all-natural” and “zero-waste” was time-consuming, and could get pretty difficult. 

After becoming so frustrated and pretty much completely giving up, I thought, there had to be a simpler way to do this. I mean let’s get real, changing the habits implanted over the last 30 years of using paper plates, plastic baggies, over-the-counter remedies, and food full of preservatives were not going to change overnight.

So I started making small changes in the way my family did things. Each small step I took made greater strides in the simple and natural life I was so feverishly searching for. I realized that small steps towards intentionally living in harmony with the earth were getting me so much farther in my journey. 

Then I thought, I bet there are a lot of other individuals and families that are struggling to reach their zero waste natural living goals. 

I think I have always had the entrepreneurial bug living inside of me. When I think back to my childhood I remember crafting fake cash registers out of old boxes, and weaving bracelets to sell to my mom and dad’s unsuspecting friends. After college, I started a pretty successful photography business, then that grew into a marketing and design business. After settling in as the marketing manager for a non-profit and bringing two great kids into this world. The bug never left. 

Peach + Park grew from the idea of simplifying and nurturing our lives and loving ourselves. I want to take my passion for helping people and make the tips and tools to live a sustainable life easily accessible. 

Look forward to topics such as:

  • Simple zero waste swaps for products you use every day
  • The importance of natural ingredients in the cleaning supplies we use
  • How herbs, that you can typically find in your back yard can help alleviate life’s common ailments
  • And soo much more!


I hope that you follow along and enjoy the blog. Because by learning to live in harmony with the earth, we are working to leave this world a little bit better for generations to come.