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How many empty bottles have you tossed into your trash bin in your lifetime? If you are like most humans, a lot. Instead, did you carefully place your plastic bottles into a recycling bin? Bad news, research shows only about 10% of plastics that we place in recycling bins actually get recycled. So what should we do? I am here with some tips to reduce your plastic use and create less waste.


Reuse What We Already Have

Now that we have come to the sad realization that once we finish the last drop of hand soap in the plastic bottle sitting on our bathroom sink, even if we recycle the bottle, there is a large chance that bottle will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. 

And chances are, we have a lot of plastic bottles sitting around our houses right now. The answer isn’t to rush out and purchase new eco-friendly bottles. Simply use what you already have. Not into plastic? I bet you have some glass jars hiding around your house as well. 


Find a Refillery

Now that you have finished off the last of your soap, clean the bottle and find a refill station close to home. If you are local to Western PA, you can find one inside by store Peach + Park. The BYO bar refill station features household cleaning products, as well as personal beauty care products. All of which you fill up into your own container and pay per ounce.

We Currently Carry

Dish Soap – Bergamot
Laundry Detergent – Unscented
All Purpose Cleaner – Bergamot
Wood Surface Cleaner
Hand Soap – Lavender
Green Tea Facial Cleanser
Herbal Infused Shampoo
Moisturizing Conditioner
Miceller Water
Yoga Mat Spray
Hand Sanitizer
Sea Salt Spray
Aloe + Shea Body Wash


Eco-Friendly Containers

Don’t have a container to bring of your own? That is ok! Many refilleries, including mine, have eco-friendly containers that you can purchase. Glass and aluminum bottles and jars are not only durable, but are more likely to be recycled. 


Better ingredients

Why not buy in bulk from a big box store and refill at home? You can reduce your waste for sure, but what exactly are you refiling? Most refilleries curate specific products that are made with natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals. I want my customers to feel safe that they are pumping only good ingredients into their reusable containers. So, not only are you doing better for the earth, you are doing better for yourself. 


Try a little, or get a lot

Skeptical that a cleaning product with natural ingredients is going to do the job? Well, another nice thing about refill stations is that you are paying per ounce. So, fill a little, take it home, and give it a try! Want to try out different scents? Same thing, just take home a little! 


I hope that this post was helpful and inspired you to find a refill station near you.  We can’t wait for you to come visit us! Thanks for reading and remember by learning to live in harmony with the earth, we are working to leave this world a little bit better for generations to come.

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