5 Easy to Commit to Zero-Waste Swaps

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How many of you grew up with paper plates, plastic storage bags, and plastic utensils that are thrown away after one use? I mean it was pretty much the norm growing up. It was not abnormal at all to see a plastic shopping bag overflowing with other plastic shopping bags shoved underneath your grandma’s sink. And that same bag is probably still there. And all of those plastic items are probably still somewhere. 

I have no doubt at all that there is plastic floating around in the ocean that is older than me right now. And all of that plastic in our lives has been shown to have a terrible impact on our health. Fortunately, we have a lot of options for zero waste swaps for everyday plastic household items.

I have a list of five easy to commit to zero waste swaps.

Reusable Storage Bags

Let’s talk about plastic baggies. Until you really think about it. It doesn’t seem weird at all to put a leftover sandwich in a one-time-use bag and then throw it away after you have eaten that sandwich. But, it is pretty wasteful. So my first easy swap is reusable storage bags. You can find them in pretty much any store you walk into these days. Typically made of silicone, they are easy to wash and reuse again and again. Most of the time you can find cute prints and colors and a variety of sizes to fit your needs. This was my very first zero-waste swap, and it is pretty easy to stick with. Grab a small set or just a single bag to get started. I started by using them for the kid’s snack and in my lunchbox. And their uses only grew from there.

Reusable Zip Pouches Set of 3


Take lunch (not so) seriously with these playfully fun reusable zip pouches. Made of Peva. Designs: Dinosaur, Boom Box, Skate Board

Reusable Shopping Bag

A similar plastic bag swap is the familiar swish of your everyday grocery bag. Now if you know me, you know I have an ever-expanding love of Aldi. And they pretty much single-handedly switched me to team reusable shopping bag. If there was an anonymous meeting in a church basement somewhere for those who have an abundance of reusable shopping bags, I would be a weekly fixture. Now the hard part is not using the reusable bag, but remembering to (a) take them with you when shopping and (b) don’t forget them in your car. Once you master those two small steps, you can say buh bye to those parking lot tumbleweeds, plastic grocery bags.

Bees + These Tote Bag - Large


Take one of our reusable tote bags with you to the grocery store, the farmer’s market, the beach/lake, you name it! They also double wonderfully as a purse or diaper bag. 10.0 oz., 100% cotton canvas. Zipper top closure plus interior zippered pocket. Size: 22″ x 15″ x 5″.

Reusable Water Bottles

The next super simple switch I want to talk about is reusable water bottles. Most of us have jumped aboard this ship already. And for good reason, it is easy to commit to taking a cute refillable bottle with you to work or school every day. But, remember that church basement meeting full of people with closets full of bags, I’m sure a lot of the same people have a kitchen cupboard that is always at risk to pour out an avalanche of tumblers and cups. It is me. I am one of those people. But, in all seriousness. Do you know that it takes 700 years for a plastic water bottle to dissolve? And our landfills in the united states are filled with over 30 million bottles each year. So let’s all grab our reusable cups, bottles, and tumblers, and cheers to cutting down our plastic use.

Reusable Straws

Ok, guys, this next one takes a little diligence, but it starts with just saying no. Just say no. And no we’re not talking about the war on drugs, but the war on millions of plastic straws ending up in our oceans. When you order your next iced coffee or tea and the cashier goes to hand you a straw… just say no. And pull out your reusable straw instead. Now in the land of reusable straws, you’ve got silicone straws, and glass straws and stainless steel straws, straws that are retractable, straws for smoothies, boba straws… do I sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump yet? But for real, it is so easy to get yourself a foldable straw that hangs from your keychain or keep a case of them in your desk or car. Most sets come with a little cleaning brush to keep your straws free of blueberry bits and coffee stains.

Coral Gold Telescopic Straw


Straw information: Food grade stainless steel, non-toxic, BPA and lead-free Caution when using stainless steel straws with hot drinks All straws have a pointed end for easy use with drinks that have sealing films All telescopic straws have two notches towards the bottom to create the telescopic feature Dishwasher safe

Bar Soap

My last simple swap is bar soap. How many plastic body wash bottles have you tossed in your lifetime? Well, guess what, they are most likely alllll still sitting in a landfill somewhere. Not only can you get a wide variety of scents in bar soap, but most of them are also made with more natural ingredients than the neon-colored bottled alternatives. Support a local business and find a soapmaker in your area. Or if your feeling crafty, find a local soapmaking workshop or class.

Hand Soap - Lavender


The best hand soap should fight bacteria as well as it moisturizes, right? Our everyday hand soap’s plant-based formula keeps hands clean and soft without the use of harsh chemicals.

I hope that you have found this list of easy to commit to swaps helpful. To make sure you get notified when new posts are published, subscribe to our email list below!

And remember, by learning to live in harmony with the earth, we are working to leave this world a little bit better for generations to come.

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